Summer Fitness Camps


It happens every year. Your kids are so excited to be finally finished with school and they are counting the days until summer vacation. Then it arrives and they are at a loss of things to do. Many kids pass the day in front of their cell phone, iPad or TV and don't get any exercise or enjoy the incredible weather.

My advice? Don't let that happen.

After a few months away from school athletics, it can be easy for your child's skills to get rusty and their body conditioning to slip. Don't let all that hard work and training they put in over the course of the school year go to waste.

Whether they're already a seasoned athlete or just starting out and looking to get ahead of the game before they head back to school, they can benefit from my Summer Fitness Training Camps. The camps are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons throughout the summer and they will help them reach the height of their abilities in a healthy, low pressure and fun, competitive environment.

Each camp will only have eight to 12 participants, giving youths and teens the chance to work directly with me to build their strength and endurance. Most importantly, they'll gain confidence, make friends, develop a team mentality, and have fun.

Camps start June 19-23 and run throughout the summer.

Prepare For Performance operates out of the East Side Athletic Facility in Gaithersburg.

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